MI’s Bunger continued family legacy of serving in Indiana National Guard

Posted Nov 5, 2021

James Bunger, Veteran Employee MI Windows and DoorsFor Veterans Day, James Bunger agreed to discuss his experiences in the National Guard. A meeting rail assembler for MI Windows, Bunger cherishes the discipline that he learned in the military.

Name: James Bunger
Facility: Gratz, Pa.
Position: Meeting rail assembler
Hometown: Richmond, Ind.
Current home: Fisherville, Pa.

What branch of the military did you serve in?
The Army National Guard in Indiana

What years did you serve?

Did you join right out of high school?
I was in 11th grade. I went into it as “delayed entry.” Between my junior and senior year, I went into basic training in Fort McClellan, Ala. … (After graduation), I was stationed with the 38th Battalion in Richmond, Ind.

What made you want to join the military?
My father was in the Army National Guard, as were my two uncles. They had a lot of influence. Then, one weekend when I was in school, I visited Camp Atterbury in Indiana. That’s a big training facility for all of Indiana. I got there and saw what was going on, and from that point on it’s what I wanted to do.

What were some of the jobs you held within the military?
I was a transportation specialist. I drove a jeep and a “deuce and a half” (cargo truck).

What’s one thing about military life that you wish civilians knew?
Discipline. That’s a big thing. You can tell when someone is just getting out of the military: They’re mentally disciplined.

What part of your service are you most proud of?
I am just proud of having served.

What skills did you learn in the service that have translated to your work at MI Windows?
They really teach you mental skills. In basic training, in the classes that you take, you get your head set right. It’s about organization and discipline. I try to take that into my everyday life … so I can come to work and do my job.

Do you think MI is a veteran-friendly company?
Yes. I think it’s a good place for anyone; MI is a very good place to work.

MI Windows and Doors is proud to hire veterans. Visit our career page to learn what MI Windows can do for you.