Modern Window Trim Ideas to Liven Up Your Home

Modern Window Trim, MI Windows and Doors

Modern window trim is an often-overlooked style choice that can breathe new life into any home. The trim around your new windows can enhance curb appeal on the outside, and on the inside, become a focal point of any room and lead the way for stylistic choices throughout the space. 

Both interior and exterior modern trim can create a whole new aesthetic, and when paired with new products from MI Windows and Doors, can really transform your space. Get inspired with our modern window trim ideas for any home. 


Understanding the Art of Modern Window Trim

For many years, window trim was simply functional: It seals the gap between the window and the frame, and covers any exposed caulk. But more artistic window trims appeared during the Renaissance, showcasing intricate carvings and designs. By the 18th century, it evolved into a symbol of wealth and status, with elaborate molding and decorative elements. 

Modern window trim dates back to the 1940s through 1960s, when the midcentury modern style became popular. Today, modern window trim ideas are all about minimalism, sleek lines, and contrasting colors that bring elegance and class to your home. However, even older styles can be updated in a more “modern” way to transform your space. 


Benefits of Modernizing Your Window Trim

Modernizing your window trim has plenty of benefits. First, exterior trim increases your curb appeal, while modern interior trim makes your home look updated, both of which can increase its value. Many modern window trim styles also help to increase energy efficiency and lower your monthly bills by better sealing the gaps around your windows. They also use more energy-efficient materials, like vinyl and thermally improved aluminum. 

Updating your window trim can also prevent bugs: Over time, older window trim can break down, leaving holes around the frame where small bugs can enter. By adding a layer of modern exterior trim, these gaps will be covered from insect intruders and block bugs before they can bother you and your family. 

modern window trim, MI Windows and Doors

The Best Modern Window Trim Ideas

Window trim ideas are endless: Some options are small and sleek, while others can be as large and layered as you like. Some ideas, like adding a pop of color, can modernize any window trim. Here are our top modern window trim ideas by category.


Modern Interior Trim Ideas

Modern interior trim is often used to seamlessly blend the window design with the surrounding décor or architecture. For example, flat stock trim is a simple, clean, and affordable idea that creates a basic square around the window. You can also use jamb extensions to add depth or reveal pieces to add visual interest with shadow lines separating the frame and the wall. 

Modern Exterior Trim Ideas

For modern exterior trim, skip ornate designs and go with sleek, flat trims in neutral colors. The color can either match your home or contrast with it – for example, if your home is a white or eggshell color, navy or black trim provide an interesting contrast while keeping with a contemporary style. This trick can make even colonial-style window trim look more modern. 

Stucco Window Trim Ideas

Stucco is a building material that’s frequently used in warmer climates because it’s durable and resistant to heat, sun, and moisture. In new construction, stucco window trims can be incredibly versatile, as you can mold this material into nearly any shape. For a modern look, use simple bands or frames both inside and outside, and paint them a contrasting color. For a renovation of existing stucco window trim, check out sleek vinyl window frames. This durable material also works in hot climates and looks ultra-modern with minimal effort. 

Bay Window Trim Ideas

Bay windows are a large focal point of your home, and they should generally match the rest of the exterior. That said, exterior bay window trim ideas can either blend in with their surroundings or stand out with an ornate design. One interesting idea is to use a brass or silver color to make your bay window’s exterior trim look more modern. For modern interior trim on a bay window, wood or a wood-grain look is popular and pairs well with nearly any style inside your home.

Midcentury Modern Window Trim Ideas

Midcentury modern style emerged in the mid-20th century and is characterized by clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and a focus on functionality. When it comes to midcentury modern window trim ideas, simplicity is key. Opt for straightforward, unadorned frames around the windows. Use sleek trim made of materials like vinyl or aluminum, keeping the lines clean and crisp. For more visual interest, use horizontal mullions or metal accents to emphasize the trim’s lines and complement the horizontal orientation of midcentury modern architecture.

Modern Farmhouse Window Trim Ideas

For a rustic farmhouse style that’s also modern, slim window trims, like shiplap paneling, made of reclaimed wood are popular. However, wood trim can be expensive. Some more cost-effective ideas include using accents like wrought iron or black metal hinges and latches, or choosing simple black frames made of aluminum or vinyl. Garden windows are another fun idea for a farmhouse look. These are like picture windows, but they protrude from the exterior of the house. Fill them with plants and herbs and start living a true farmhouse lifestyle. 


Liven Up Your Home with Modern Window Trim

From sleek, minimalist designs to farmhouse accents, the possibilities for modern window trim ideas are endless. By selecting a window trim that complements the architectural features and overall style of your home while still bringing a modern flair, you can not only enhance curb appeal and create visual interest, but transform your home into a reflection of your individual taste.

At MI Windows and Doors, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners create their perfect windows. Our vinyl window frames are available in many different colors and provide a sleek look that complements many modern window trim ideas. Browse our selection of windows by style, frame color, and more to find the one that’s right for you.  

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