Pocket Doors

Transform your space with the seamless integration of sliding glass pocket doors and open up your home to natural light and cool breezes.

Advantages of Pocket Doors

Pocket doors slide into a compartment in the wall, freeing up valuable floor and wall space that swinging doors would otherwise occupy. They’re a popular space-saving solution that is both modern and stylish.

Sliding pocket doors are ideal for smaller rooms or tight spaces. Using this style of door to connect your home and patio leaves you with extra floor and wall space for furniture and decorations.

Modern pocket doors come in a wide range of materials, colors, and window grids. Create French pocket doors with a classic grid style or go for a sleek, modern steel frame. Pocket doors can seamlessly blend with any decor style.

Exterior pocket doors offer a large viewing area so you can enjoy the panorama right outside your home. They effortlessly merge interior and exterior, making your home look larger and providing a sophisticated space for entertaining and relaxing.

Choosing the Best Pocket Doors

Pocket doors aren’t one-size-fits-all. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from to reflect your personal style and your functional needs. Opt for features like sturdy door frames, energy-efficient glass to enhance durability and comfort, and choose colors and grids that match your home’s architectural design. Learn how to build your perfect pocket door below.


Color Options

From colonial to 6-lite, diamond or drop patterns, we offer beautiful, decorative grid options to help accent your home’s unique style. The perfect design awaits you.



Everyone wants a comfortable home each and every day of the year. We’re proud to be an ENERGY STAR partner offering a variety of performance options based on the region where you live.

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Discover the quality and variety of the MI Windows and Doors family of products. Filter by style, material, color, and price point to find the best pocket doors for your project.

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Pocket Glass Doors FAQ

What makes a door a pocket door?

Pocket doors are sliding patio doors that slide into an opening – or “pocket” – in the wall when they’re open. The slim pockets hide the door when the homeowner is entertaining or bringing a little fresh into their space.

Are there different sizes for pocket doors?

Yes. Companies make pocket doors in a variety of configurations. Two-panel and three-panel pocket doors are standard, but many manufacturers offer models that are even larger.

Are pocket doors difficult to replace?

Not at all. In fact, due to the growing popularity of pocket doors, more and more manufacturers are offering them as part of their product line. This will make pocket doors easier to replace when it’s time for your next renovation project.

What if I currently have a sliding glass door? Can I still get a pocket door?

Yes. Contractors make this type of replacement all the time. The pocket can be created by removing the existing drywall to create space. It’s also possible to construct a faux wall next to the existing wall, creating a pocket for the door to slide into.

Are pocket doors popular because of how they look?

Pocket doors are popular for a variety of reasons. Because the doors disappear in the pockets, they’re able to “bring the outside in” and truly merge your interior space with the outside world. What’s more, they offer all the functionality and energy efficiency that’s essential for patio doors in the 21st century.