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From lining up materials delivery to nailing down installation time frames and balancing budgets, learn how MI Windows and Doors helps residential builders take on new projects with confidence. Our full-service facilities in the United States help ensure fast lead times and on-schedule deliveries. Our products are meticulously examined and tested as part of our certified manufacturing process. And our excellent customer service helps ensure success from start to finish.


From windows for remodeling to new construction doors, this is where you’ll find product specifications, performance data, installation instructions, and more. Our window and door technical data library has it all.


Dive deeper into our MI product range with detailed and visually appealing brochures. Learn about the architectural quality of our windows and doors and share them with your clients to help them envision their ideal home.


Residential home builders don’t just build homes – they build dreams. At MI, we understand the importance of every little detail that goes into your projects. Learn why customers and builders trust us to frame life’s little moments.

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Whether you need brand-new windows, patio doors for a remodeling project, or anything in between, the MI Windows and Doors team can help you keep your projects moving. We offer the right products for any project, when and where you need them, all backed by a level of service that others simply can’t match. Compare and explore our products for new construction and replacement projects below.


Elevate any project with the timeless style and unmatched craftsmanship of custom new construction windows.


Find the perfect balance of form and function with new construction patio doors that merge the indoors and outdoors.


Improve any home’s curb appeal and help increase its value when you replace worn windows with top-quality MI products.


Refresh your clients’ patios and outdoor spaces with upgraded replacement patio doors from MI Windows and Doors.

Additional Resources for Residential Builders

At MI, we do more than just produce high-quality doors and windows for builders. We’re dedicated to the ongoing success of all of our dealers, clients, and customers. We stand behind our products, many of which are certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). Here are some more resources for residential home builders to help spark inspiration, enhance your knowledge, and educate your customers.


MI Windows and Doors enhance both contemporary designs and classic homes, providing the perfect complement to any build. Check out the gallery and let our beautiful windows and doors inspire you.


MI Windows and Doors come with a leading industry warranty, demonstrating our commitment to quality and support. Learn the details of our warranties and pass it on to your clients to help them make informed decisions.


Discover what you can create with MI Windows and Doors. From retirement communities to apartment complexes and traditional styles to modern flair, see the transformative results we’ve achieved for residential builders.

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FAQs for Residential Home Builders

What are builder-grade windows?

Builder-grade windows, also known as contractor-grade, are standard windows designed for new construction and budget-friendly projects. These windows provide basic functionality and efficiency but may have limited customization options and simpler designs compared to premium models. Residential builders commonly use them for standard construction.

What is the life expectancy of builder-grade windows?

Builder-grade windows typically have a life expectancy of about 10 to 20 years. Their longevity can vary based on the material used, environmental conditions, and how well they’re maintained. Regular maintenance can help extend their lifespan, but they generally won’t last as long as higher-end window options for residential builders.

What brand of windows do residential home builders use?

Residential builders commonly use brands known for their reliability and that provide a range of options suitable for various needs. For example, MI Windows and Doors is a popular brand because we offer a variety of window materials, glass options, and grid styles. We cater to both budget projects and high-end construction with customizable features. We also back our products with a best-in-class warranty that builders and their customers love.

What are the best windows for builders?

The best windows for builders depend on the project’s requirements and budget. Vinyl windows are popular for their affordability and low maintenance, while fiberglass and wood offer greater durability and aesthetic appeal. Energy-efficient windows with double glazing and proper sealing are also excellent choices for enhancing building performance.

What windows last the longest?

Windows made from materials like fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum typically last the longest. Fiberglass windows are known for their durability and resistance to weathering, while high-quality vinyl can last over 20 years with minimal maintenance. Aluminum windows also offer longevity and security. Residential home builders are well-versed in all of these materials.