new construction windows from MI

Ready to get started building your coastal dream home or expand the square footage of your new home? Whether you’ve gotten started or you’re still selecting interior finishes, exterior colors and the overall layout of your home, make sure you take the same care when picking out new construction windows.

benefits of new construction windows

New construction window benefits

When you choose new construction windows from MI, you’re investing in safety, security, industry-leading thermal performance, long-lasting comfort, and contemporary hardware and framing.

determine your budget


First, you’ll want to work with your architect or builder to determine your needs and your priorities. Are you looking for more affordable windows that offer the energy efficiency you need throughout your home? Are you in the market for custom, high-end windows throughout your new build? Understand your project scope and then align your needs and wants to your home’s overall budget.

consider the style and type


Collaboration is key when determining the windows that work best for each space. For instance, you may want to place a single-hung window in your bathroom near the vanity for extra ventilation, while in a kitchen, a horizontal slider over your counter will be easier to reach and operate. Your bedroom spaces will likely need windows that meet local egress requirements.

After you understand the window types, you’ll want to find a style that fits with your home’s architecture. If you’re building a modern coastal home near the Atlantic, you may want contemporary vinyl new construction windows that give way to expansive views and won’t corrode in the salt air.

consider the placement of the windows

Placement for new construction windows

You’ll want to consider a few factors when determining the location of windows:

  • Those living in colder climates that want to reduce a home’s heating needs may consider adding more windows on the home’s south side to maximize solar heat gain.
  • Adding more windows on the north side of a house located in the Southeastern U.S. can enhance natural sunlight into the home without the heat-producing effects of the sun’s direct rays.
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new construction window materials

When you select your windows, you’ll want to keep your budget, frame materials and glass options in mind.

  • If you want maintenance-free windows that are more affordable, vinyl new-construction windows are a great choice for any home.

MI Windows and Doors has all the options you need when selecting new construction windows for your construction projects. No matter the climate, the components, or local building codes, MI can help tailor your windows to your home’s specifications. Look for windows that meet and exceed energy-efficient and ENERGY STAR standards and local codes, thanks to features like Low-E glass coatings and warm-edge spacer systems.