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Accordion glass doors, MI Windows and Doors

Pros and Cons of Accordion Glass Doors

Accordion glass doors can maximize your space and give your home a modern look. Learn about the pros and cons of these folding patio doors in our guide.

Kitchen windows over the sink, MI Windows and Doors

Kitchen Windows Over the Sink: A Standard Feature in Modern Homes

Discover how installing a kitchen window over the sink can transform your space, increasing light and ventilation and enhancing the heart of your home.

floor to ceiling windows, MI Windows and Doors

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows: Letting the Light In

Explore the benefits of floor-to-ceiling windows, learn the key considerations for homeowners, and get tips on selecting the right windows to brighten your home.

Gothic Windows, MI Windows and Doors

Gothic Windows: A Comprehensive Guide

modern doors, MI Windows and Doors

Using Modern Doors to Breathe New Life Into Your Home

Discover the transformative power of modern doors from MI Windows and Doors. Explore styles from sleek interior to energy-efficient patio doors for a contemporary update.

tiny house, windows, energy-efficient

Tiny House Windows: New Models Feature MI’s Energy-Efficient Windows

Find the perfect tiny house windows with our guide. Explore options from MI Windows and Doors for light, privacy, and energy efficiency to enhance a compact living space.


New Retirement Community Boasts Energy-Efficient MI Windows

High energy-efficiency ratings can increase the value of your home. Discover one simple way to improve your rating: ENERGY STAR-rated, energy-efficient windows.


MI Windows Bring The Light Into Pennsylvania Sunroom With Top-Selling Replacement Windows

Sunrooms – or, as they’re also known, solariums – can denote a certain level of status.