Meet William Wiest

Posted Nov 8, 2019


"Quality means creating a product I would want in my own home."

 William Wiest

TITLE: Quality Assurance Technician



What does quality mean to you?
 To me, quality means creating a product I would want in my own home. That’s what I aim for every day

In your time at MI, can you name one fellow team member who really impressed upon you the importance of quality?
WW: The person who has impressed the importance of quality the most to me is Denny Lower, Technical Services Manager at the Gratz plant. He taught me what the word quality really stands for.

Can you think of a time when you went above and beyond to ensure quality?
WW: The most recent occasion in which I have gone above and beyond to ensure quality was staying late on a Friday night to guarantee the product met quality standards. It was important to me that we get it right before heading home for the day.

What’s the best way to get an entire company committed to quality?
WW: I believe the best way to get people committed to quality is through incentives and recognition.

What do you do to support MI’s commitment to quality?
WW: I try to impress upon my coworkers the importance of caring about the product they produce.