Otis, CO

Colorado School of Mines

Mechanical Engineering

Bachelors, 2019



What are your career aspirations?
I would like to work on projects that define progressive technology.

Why did you decide to apply for an internship with MI?
I wanted to apply my education past the text books and solve problems with an engineering approach, and in an atmosphere that felt like a small town - a close-knit community where formality didn’t kill creativeness.

Who did you work with?
I worked with Steve Welker on the plausibility of implementing a guillotine hot knife cutting machine in the 1650 and 3500 sash lines here in Gratz.

What was the most valuable thing you learned?
I worked on many projects that allowed me to use what I’ve learned in school and apply it in an actual engineering setting - the flow box was actually a direct application of fluid dynamics. Also, how to network with other companies.

What advice do you have for future interns?
Don’t be afraid to go around an ask questions and create your own little projects. It’s helpful to do that and shows you how to work outside of a super structured class like college normally is.

What did you enjoy most?
I enjoyed the progressive mindset of everyone in the department to constantly improve. 


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