Installation Tips & Tricks


General tips and tricks for installing MI windows and doors


  • Always use and wear personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • To avoid injuries, at least two people are recommended for installation.
  • Do not store sliding glass door products in the sun or lay flat before or during installation.
  • Before beginning assembly or installation, check your materials to make sure you have all of the suggested tools and the supplied hardware.
  • Inspect the product thoroughly before installation. Do not install product if there is any observable damage or other irregularity.
  • Before installation, confirm door size and rough opening size:
    • Rough opening dimensions should be 1/2 in. larger than door size.
    • Make sure rough opening is plumb, level, and square.
  • If the building has a weather resistant barrier (WRB) installed, prepare the opening according to the WRB manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Make sure the installer reads any and all installation instructions thoroughly.
  • Window and door installation may disturb finished surfaces. Take the appropriate precautions to avoid damaging existing structures.
  • Do not proceed unless you are able to achieve weather-tight installation of a properly functioning product, which includes waiting for the proper weather conditions to assemble or install.

During Installation:

  • Always use a caulk or sealant that is approved and compatible with the windows and doors being installed.
  • Some areas, such as Florida and Texas, require more fasteners than those employed on the physical test unit. For fastener information regarding these areas, visit or
  • Do not apply sealant in a fashion that plugs the weeps at the sill.
  • Be cautious using PVC cement, as too much could damage the products.

After Installation:

  • With the exception of logo and NFRC labels, all MI applied labels should remain in place and not be removed (e.g. AAMA labels, warranty labels, warning labels).
  • If there is more work to be done on the job site after window installation, use extra caution around the installed windows and doors to avoid damaging them or negatively impacting the installation.
  • Take great care with any final caulking or trim work.
  • MI recommends a yearly inspection of its products, both inside and outside of the home. Taking care of sealant joints, hardware, and weather stripping can lengthen the life of the doors and windows and help them continue to function properly.

With these tips and tricks in mind, proceed to the Installation Guides. Choose the guide that corresponds to your product and follow all instructions carefully. NOTE: Failure to follow these recommendations, local requirements, or good building practices may affect your ability to claim remedies under MI’s warranties.

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