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Your success as a contractor relies greatly on the standards you set and the businesses you choose to partner with. Count on MI windows and sliding glass doors for long-lasting beauty, performance, and energy efficiency for the homeowners who depend on you.

The best windows combine superior quality with affordability. Our "Good, Better, Best" double-hung replacement window platform is revered throughout the remodeling industry and our single-hung and single-slider windows are the number one choice among America's top builders. When it comes to durable, high-quality windows available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, MI is your single-source provider. It's all part of our goal to deliver 100% - every order, every time.

MI has some of the best vinyl windows on the market.

As one of the nation's largest suppliers of high-quality replacement and new construction windows and doors, backed by support that goes above and beyond, we’re here to help make every one of your projects a smooth success. MI team members at all levels are accessible and attentive, delivering the flexibility, support and timely solutions you need.

  • Qualified network of knowledgeable dealers provide local expertise and quickly get you the answers you need
  • Exceptional quality control  at every step ensures all orders are delivered on-time, accurate, and complete
  • Audits every hour, on every line, in every plant ensuring your windows are examined before they leave the factory
  • Design flexibility with on-trend styles and top-rated performance at the right price
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing plants deliver what you need, where you need it
  • 100% trouble-free guarantee

Seven Reasons to Choose MI

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  1. 100% – To some it’s just a number, but to us it’s a relentless pursuit. We continually strive for perfection, down to the smallest detail – in every replacement window we make and every customer experience we create, because your success as a home remodeling contractor depends on it. We confidently stand behind our remodeling and replacement products with our comprehensive warranties and 100% trouble-free guarantee.

  2. Partnerships – Strong success is built by strong relationships. We value our partnerships both internally and externally and we never forget that every business interaction is ultimately a person-to-person experience. That’s why we have generations of families who work at MI, and why so many home remodeling professionals continue to utilize our products in their home renovation projects after years, and in many cases, decades.

  3. Personal Commitment – MI team members at all levels are accessible and attentive, delivering flexibility, support, and timely solutions for all of your home remodeling ideas. Putting people first has been ingrained in our culture from the start, and is an ideal we live every day. From the plant floor to every positive interaction, user experience, and quality window installed – every MI team member takes each of your home remodel successes personally.

  4. Leadership – When it comes to supporting your business as a home remodeler, we don’t settle for “good enough.” Our entrepreneurial, owner-operated leadership structure provides flexibility, support, and timely problem resolution. We care about delivering the best for each of your home remodel projects, and are uniquely capable of serving you at a level others cannot.

  5. Precision – Precision represents not only the quality of our engineering and products, but our entire approach to business. From our company-wide focus on achieving consistently high-quality products or our commitment to accurate, on-time deliveries and to creating the safest, healthiest work environments – we pursue precision in all aspects to better serve you and our team. With MI, you’ll be able to finish your remodel projects faster and have fewer callbacks. 

  6. Integrity – We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity – complete honesty, sound character, and adherence to moral and ethical principles. We do this because you and our team of talented remodeling contractors deserve it – every day, everywhere.

  7. Passion – Our entire team wakes up every day with a common purpose – to build value for you by manufacturing the finest windows, doors, and experiences. We are window geeks, and we’re proud of it. We love everything about replacement windows and the replacement window business – from designing, making, and delivering them to seeing a smiling customer after they’ve been installed in a freshly remodeled home.


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Most of the products in our replacement window program are built on a singular mainframe platform, allowing you to easily customize solutions based on the performance and style preferences your customers' have for their home remodeling projects. Utilizing the same stylish profile with optional upgrades, you are able to offer a wide variety of enhancements and options to suit all of your replacement window needs.

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