Now Offering Custom Sizes on EnergyCore 190 Multi-Slide Doors

Posted Jun 18, 2019

EnergyCore 190 Multi-Slide

MI’s EnergyCore 190 (EC190) Multi-Slide Door will be available in custom sizes beginning July 1, 2019. The EC190 Multi-Slide, manufactured at our Prescott Valley, Ariz., facility, was previously only available in standard sizes.

This change applies to all configurations of the EC Multi-Slide family. Furthermore, all custom sizes must fall within our current ranges. For example, all versions of the EC190 Multi-Slide – whether two-panel, three-panel, or four-panel – can be no more than 95 ¼ inches high and no fewer than 79 ¼  inches high. The limits for widths are as follows: 59 7/8 inches to 119 7/8 inches (two-panel), 91 7/8 inches to 145 7/8 inches (three-panel), and 119 3/8 inches to 191 3/8 inches (four-panel).