New Exterior Color Options

Posted Aug 27, 2018

1620 Black Single-Hung

MI Windows and Doors is introducing two new exterior color options on our 1620 single-hung and 1630 single-slider windows. The bronze and black exterior laminates are available with a white interior only, and can be ordered on all fin, finless, and flange frame profiles.

The exterior color options are available in both impact and non-impact versions of the 1620 and 1630 windows. Interior grids and simulated divided lites (SDL’s) are available with the two- tone color options. These windows are complemented by a full line of products available with bronze and black exteriors, including: 1620PW’s/Shapes, 1675/9770 Casements, 1665/9660 Awnings and 1615 Patio Doors.

Download PDF of Announcement