STC Glass Package Offering

Posted Feb 8, 2018

MI Windows and Doors is simplifying our Western Sounds Transmission Coefficient (STC) glass package offerings in the HomeMaker3 Series. MI will convert all Insulated Glass (IG) requirements for STC’s of 36 and higher to the Cardinal Glass IG program, which will consist of 1/4” x DSB and 1/4” x laminated glass. MI will continue to produce the current STC package of 3/16” x DSB in our Prescott Valley facility.

 New Program  Rating  Glass Makeup  Glass Fabricator
 Good  STC 34/35  3/16” x DSB  MI Windows and Doors
 Better  STC 36/38  1/4" x DSB  Cardinal Glass Industries
 Best  STC 39/41  1/4" x Laminated  Cardinal Glass Industries

The new program will simplify the STC offerings by providing three packages that meet the majority of STC requirements. Cardinal IG’s will meet or improve the STC ratings we achieve with our current offering and eliminate the need for laminate glass in the current “Better” STC program. These glass packages will be available to quote and order in Paradigm beginning February 26, 2018. With these changes, we will also be eliminating all laminated glass packages on the Professional 5000 Series.

About Cardinal Glass Industries
Cardinal makes insulated glass packages for many of the top window manufacturers in the country. The Minnesota-based company is considered the highest quality glass fabricator in North America, with more than 6,000 employees spread out across 37 manufacturing locations in the United States.