Impact Glass on 180 Series

Posted Feb 8, 2018

MI Windows and Doors will be changing our impact glass offering on all 185 single-hung, 188 single-slider, and 185 picture window impact-rated products to the StormArmor™ Cardinal LoE-366 insulated glass beginning on all orders placed after December 18, 2017.  
The StormArmor-enhanced glass package features Cardinal LoE-366 glass and Preserve film®, a unique film that stays on the glass throughout the manufacturing, distribution, and installation processes. The film must be removed prior to final settlement on the property, ensuring the glass will be protected from dust, debris, and scratches until the property-owner has keys in-hand.
The StormArmor package will be priced at the current Low-E impact adder. The Cardinal LoE-340 glass package will be an upgraded offering priced at 20% above the standard StormArmor package.

About Cardinal Glass Industries
Cardinal makes insulated glass packages for many of the top window manufacturers in the country. The Minnesota-based company is considered the highest quality glass fabricator in North America, with more than 6,000 employees spread out across 37 manufacturing locations in the United States.