StormArmor Impact-Resistant Package

Posted Jul 12, 2017

StormArmorWith the recent introduction of our new 100 series aluminum sliding glass door, MI Windows and Doors can now proudly state that we have completed our entire line of impact-resistant StormArmor products.
Designed specifically for coastal regions that experience severe storms, the StormArmor line boasts impact-resistant glass to protect homes located in the most extreme-weather conditions. Tested on our in-house AAMA-certified testing wall, products with the StormArmor label can withstand impact from projectiles exceeding 35 miles per hour.

With the addition of the 100 series sliding glass door, MI now offers a complete line of impact-resistant products to complete virtually any home package. Customers can order the following products with the StormArmor label:
1615/1617 vinyl sliding glass door
1620 vinyl single-hung window
1630 vinyl single-slider window
1675 vinyl casement window
9770 vinyl casement window
100 series aluminum sliding glass door
185PW aluminum picture window
185 aluminum single-hung window
188 aluminum single slider window

Most StormArmor-enhanced products come standard with Cardinal LoE-366 glass and Preserve film®, a unique film that stays on the glass throughout the manufacturing, distribution, and installation. The film must be removed prior to final settlement on the property, ensuring the glass will be protected from dust, debris, and scratches until the property-owner has keys in-hand.

With StormArmor, MI Windows has you covered. Contact your territory sales representative for more information.

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