Meet Tami of Kempsville Building Materials

Posted Apr 16, 2020


"MI Windows offers quality products with excellent service and representation."

 Tami Wright

COMPANY NAME: Kempsville Building Material

TITLE: Outside Sales Representative

OFFICE LOCATION: Chesapeake, Virginia


How long have you been with your company?
TW:  I will be celebrating my 40th anniversary this year. I started in June 1980.

What other positions have you held there?
TW: I started in shipping and have also worked in the warehouse, store, and inside sales. I moved to outside sales in the summer of 1984, where I have remained since.

How many people work at your company and how many locations do you have? 
Kempsville Building Materials has been a division of Carter Lumber since 2009. The KBM division has 367 employees and nine locations.

What supplies do you sell besides windows and patio doors? 
TW: We sell everything from framing, interior doors, interior and exterior trim, to hardware, siding, roofing, installed sales, and several special order categories.    

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I enjoy the people most of all. I have several customers that I have been working with since the 80s and now, in many cases, I’m dealing with their children. I also work with a very close-knit group of co-workers that are very much like family.

How long have you been using MI Windows?  
We sold Capitol windows before MI purchased them in the 1990s and have been working with MI ever since.

Why do you like using MI Windows?
TW: MI Windows offers quality products with excellent service and representation. The lead time is extremely dependable, too. Selling MI allows me to spend more time helping my customers, as opposed to solving problems caused by a faulty product, inferior service, or delayed delivery.

Why do you think MI and your company make good partners? 
 MI and Kempsville Building Materials depend on our reputation, and MI offers the products and services to represent both companies very well.