Meet Robert of BMC

Posted Apr 16, 2020


"I like the quality, the service, and lead-time I get from MI products."

 Robert Parker


TITLE: Outside Sales

OFFICE LOCATION: Youngsville, North Carolina


How long have you been with your company?
RP: 14 years in June

What other positions have you held there?
RP: Inside sales, sales coordinator

How many people work at your company and how many locations do you have? 
We have 108 distribution locations nationwide and four of those locations are in “The Triangle” (Greater Raleigh, N.C.) market. We have over 300 local associates.

What supplies do you sell besides windows and patio doors? 
RP: Block, brick, lumber, shingles, sheetrock, siding, interior trim, interior doors, exterior doors, locks, installed services, and anything else we can source for our customers.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I enjoy seeing the projects evolve from a set of blueprints to a finished product, knowing that I had a part in making it all come together. I also enjoy the family atmosphere at my store, which has 25 associates. We are a small group, but we’re very focused and we accomplish tremendous things.

How long have you been using MI Windows?  
I’ve been selling MI windows and doors for over 10 years.

Why do you like using MI Windows?
RP: I like the quality, the service, and lead-time I get from MI products. I’ve been to the Gratz, Pa., plant 3-4 times with my customers and it’s a very clean and efficient operation.

Why do you think MI and your company make good partners? 
 I value MI because of the quality of the products they produce and the relationships within the organization I’ve made along the way. At BMC, we have a slogan: “We provide what the customer wants, when they want it, exactly how they want it every time.” I feel that MI does the same thing. We also put a lot of effort and resources into supporting our corporate charity LLS (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society), and I’ve seen the work MI does through the MI Foundation and it’s truly amazing.