Meet Chris of Brothers Supply

Posted Jan 16, 2020

Brothers Supply

"They offer a great quality product. And MI has proven to be our most reliable vendor."

 Chris Haga

COMPANY NAME: Brothers Supply

TITLE: Assistant General Manager

OFFICE LOCATION: Fort Worth, Texas 


How long have you been with your company?
CH: A little over three years. I was hired on to help out as our owner Mark Lawing’s business started to take off due to his reputation for outstanding customer service.

How many people work at your company and how many locations do you have? 
CH: We have 20 employees at one location.

What supplies do you sell besides windows and patio doors? 
We also sell hardware, fireplaces, and exterior doors.

What do you enjoy most about your work? 
CH: I enjoy pushing the boundaries and exceeding customer expectations for service and quality.

How long have you been using MI Windows? 
CH: Brothers has used MI Windows for four years.

Why do you like using MI Windows?
CH: They offer a great quality product that does not have service issues. And MI has proven to be our most reliable vendor.

Why do you think MI and your company make good partners? 
 MI is one of our most-valued partners because they offer a competitive product, solid service, and have a great record for being on time with deliveries that are accurate.