Meet JD of The Door & Window Store

Posted Oct 17, 2019


"MI is very in tune with what our needs are and they’re responsive to those needs."

 JD Blocker 

COMPANY NAME: The Door & Window Store




How long have you been with your company?
JD: The company was started in 1981 by my parents (Doug and Ruth Blocker). I took over as General Manager in 1994 and bought the company in 2012. 

What other positions have you held? 
JD: I’ve been with this company since I was in high school. I’ve done everything from sweeping floors to cleaning toilets to sales and purchasing.

How many people work at your company and how many locations do you have? 
JD: 48; we have one location.

What supplies do you sell besides windows and patio doors? 
JD: I would say that windows and patio doors are about 35-40 percent of what we do. We’re a production facility for interior and exterior doors. What we do is, after drywall is installed in a home, we go in and install the interior doors, base, trim, casing, crown, etc. Everything that goes in before it’s painted. After the painters go in, we come in and do the hardware.

What do you enjoy most about your work? 
JD: The people. I feel like we have a tight-knit group at the office; we’re a relatively small business. It’s really all about the family-type relationships we have here in the workplace.

How long have you been using MI Windows?
JD: We used Better Built before MI bought them in the early 1990s. Since then, we’ve used MI exclusively as our vinyl product. We’ve been blessed by having the MI plant (in Prescott Valley) close to where we’re at, so we have a unique partnership with them. We know the MI team very well. We’re literally there almost every day. 

Why do you like using MI Windows? 
JD: I enjoy the flexibility of MI. We’re able to go to the plant often and see the process. I enjoy that personal contact we have with them. MI is very in tune with what our needs are and they’re responsive to those needs.

Why do you think MI and your company make good partners?
JD: I think we work well together because they understand our marketplace. They ask the questions, find out what we need, and come up with product options that fit our need. We both bring something to the table, and that’s why the relationship is so good.