Phoenix, AZ

Arizona State University

Supply Chain and Human Resources

Bachelors, 2019



What are your career aspirations?
My career aspirations are to become either a CPO 
(chief procurement officer) or a supply chain consultant for companies with many moving parts. That way I can see the process of a large and diverse quantity of raw materials being transformed into a final product.

Why did you decide to apply for an internship with MI?
The internship program itself was very dynamic and it offered me a whole lot more than a simple, one dimensional supply chain program. It helped me learn all the facets of supply chain.

Who did you work with?
I worked mostly with Vicky Indvik and the purchasing and receiving departments, Rick Jahnz, and Allison Mendibles. 

Did you feel like you were a valuable part of our company?
I think I had a really good part in everything I was doing and I saw that everything I was doing had a purpose. It was a bigger purpose of helping the company - not just so I could learn or so someone could teach me.

What did you enjoy most?
I enjoyed the projects that I received. The fact that there was always something to do and that each item related to my major made this an incredible experience. I did all of the things that I have been learning in school, which is crucial in making the connection from the book to the working world.


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