Bronze MI Windows Enhance Curb Appeal and Energy Efficiency of Remodeled Florida Home

flemington exterior

There’s been something of a revolution in the vinyl window industry. Thanks to new technology, window companies are now manufacturing products with an array of different colors. Homeowners are thus no longer beholden to just white vinyl when it comes to making a decision about their windows’ colors. Now, black, bronze, cocoa, and forest green are among the many selections available.

Unshackled from those limited vinyl color options previously experienced, homeowners are now letting their imaginations run wild when it comes to picking out new windows. Just check any popular design website or magazine, and you’ll be treated to innovative color schemes that would have been unheard of as recently as 10 years ago.

flemington porch exterior

“Today’s homeowners are incredibly style conscious and windows have become an area where they want to display their individualism,” says Josh Williard, the Director of Products for MI Windows and Doors.

“We’re excited to introduce these new color options so homeowners have the opportunity to express their unique sense of style through the use of our products.”

With so many color preferences to choose from, Don and Tiffany Tyree of Flemington, Fla., decided to go to the dark side for their 2018 home renovation. They selected bronze windows from MI.

“We have a brick house, and I didn’t think white or other traditional colors were going to look as good,” Tiffany says.

flemington kitchen

Designer Joe Dunaway and general contractor Robert Puckett, both of 
JH Design+Build, did the renovations on the Tyree home. Dunaway, 
the residential designer on the project, agrees that bronze was the 
best choice.

“The new windows enhanced the house a thousand times,” Dunaway says. “With the brick, sometimes white works. But with this house, it was a little too much contrast. The bronze complements the brick much better.”

In all, 11 new MI windows were installed in the Tyree home. JH Design+Build performed a full-scale redesign of this house, basically gutting the interior of the structure and starting from scratch. Like many of the homes in this rural region of north-central Florida, the Tyrees’ house now boasts a modern look.

“People tend toward that modern style here,” Dunaway says. “A lot of them like the bronze windows to go with it.”

Not only were the MI windows the right color for the 
job, but the Tyrees were happy to have vinyl windows in their home.

“The old windows were aluminum-framed windows,” Don says. “They were very inefficient and they looked bad, too.”

It was Dunaway’s idea to use MI Windows for the renovation.

“We use MI because of the reputation, quality, and value,” 
he says. “You can’t go wrong with it.”

flemington bath

Dunaway chose MI’s 3540 Single-Hung window. A high-performance vinyl window that’s homeowner and contractor friendly, the 3540 offers handcrafted quality and exceptional durability. With standard features that include a tilt-in sash and heavy-duty weatherstripping, this window is designed to add convenience and performance to any newly built or renovated home.

And in addition to its other features, the 3540 provides excellent energy efficiency thanks to a warm-edge spacer system. The spacer creates an insulated glass unit that is filled with argon gas to keep the interior of the home at a comfortable temperature year-round. The Tyrees were able to take advantage of the increased energy efficiency of their home after the new windows were installed.

“We’re thrilled with our electric bill now,” Tiffany says. 
“I know the windows had something to do with it.”

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