Modern Farmhouse Home Adorned With Striking Black Windows

1556 Double-Hung, 9770 Casement


What would the most typical town in the most typical county in America look like? Probably a little something like Hummelstown, Pa. This tiny borough of 4,500, founded in 1762 by a couple of German immigrants, is located in Dauphin County — recently named the most typically American county in the United States by the researchers at Echelon Insights.

Like the county in which it resides, Hummelstown is very much a typical American locale. It features a selection of charming shops and restaurants along its main street. Its summer nights are so peaceful and idyllic that the borough council offers citizens the chance to enjoy movie nights outside a local park and the downtown square can be found heavily decorated for various holidays and celebrations throughout the year.

Vinyl windows in beautiful kitchenIf you happen to be in Hummelstown and come across a certain new home on the outskirts of town, you’ll find another way in which it is indeed very typical by today’s standards: black windows. Landmark Homes, a large developer in southcentral Pennsylvania, recently constructed a single-family home in Hummelstown. In trying to achieve the aesthetic of the current ”Modern Farmhouse” trend, Landmark chose black windows manufactured by MI Windows and Doors.

“We were looking for the best-priced, highest-quality double-hung windows we could obtain with a black exterior,” says Kim Rothacker, selections and options manager at Landmark. “The cost and the color of MI’s windows were a real benefit for us.”

Popular on home décor websites and home design television shows, black has become the “in” color for windows and sliding-glass doors. Whether you’re looking for the modern farmhouse look like the Hummelstown home, midcentury modern, or even a tiny house, black has become the go-to color.

“Black windows are a classic finish that happen to be popular right now,” says Mollie Bering, community sales manager for Landmark. “Anytime we can stay on trend while maintaining Landmark’s classic aesthetic, it’s a win-win.”

“The latest technology in vinyl windows has made black and other dark colors a viable option,” adds MI Director of Products JoshWilliard. “Homeowners and designers can explore so many more possibilities with these dark colors; it’s really exciting to see the new color schemes that they’re coming up with. And the great thing about black is that it truly goes with anything.”

Vinyl Windows bring light into living spaceFor the Hummelstown home, Landmark went with MI’s 1556 double-hung windows. One of MI’s top sellers for new construction projects, the 1556 features two moveable and tilting sashes for maximum ventilation and easy cleaning. This window also has many aesthetic enhancements including exterior brickmould and casing, eight painted exterior colors, and a variety of grid options. The 1556 is also available with triple-pane insulated glass for optimal energy efficiency.

“Double-hung windows are convenient,” Bering says. “The double-hung feature makes exterior maintenance easier and allows the homeowner to control airflow and circulation if desired, as you can ventilate either the upper or the lower sash.”

“The 1556 continues to be popular because it has something for everyone,” Williard says. “It’s durable, energy efficient, and practical on so many levels. And it’s an elegant and handsome window — especially in black.”

To complement the double-hung windows on the home, Landmark chose MI’s 9770 casement window. Featuring multi-point locking hardware that creates a tighter, safer seal, the 9770 also has 90-degree hinge capability for maximum ventilation and airflow.

And, of course, the 9770 is available with a black exterior.

“Black really makes the windows stand out,” says Clair Weaver, executive vice president at Landmark Homes “[The windows] really come out when paired with the siding. It’s almost a focal point of the house.”

The attractive windows were enhanced by a 2-over-1 grid pattern — an increasingly popular option for today’s most stylish homes. This classic grid pattern, which features a singular vertical grid in the top sash and no grids in the bottom sash, blends traditional charm with modern flair to create expansive views and timeless appeal.

Embracing the current trend of black windows is one thing, but Landmark didn’t stop there. Its designers did their best to incorporate black into other areas as well.

Vinyl Windows makes for gorgeous view in bathroom“We tried to pull the black from the exterior windows into certain features of the interior of the home as well,” Rothacker says. “We used black door hardware, some lighting with black finishes, and the owner’s bathroom in particular features all black fixtures.”

By merging the current trends of black windows and modern farmhouse, Landmark was able to create a beautiful, expansive home that features the best of both styles.

“This place has a see-through fireplace from the family room into the kitchen,” Weaver says. “It gives it a pleasant family feel in both rooms. It’s designed with 10-foot-high ceilings, giving it a real open feel. That’s why the windows were so important."

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1556 Double-Hung
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