Tiny House Manufacturer Unveils New Model With MI's Energy-Efficient Windows

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A number of factors have combined in the 21st century to create Americans’ current fascination with tiny homes, including the demand for a greener lifestyle and a craving for simpler living. As a result, “tiny living” has morphed from a fad into a full-grown movement.

This fascination with tiny homes isn’t just evident at trade shows and architectural conferences, either. No, it can also be seen in popular culture through reality TV shows, web series, and even fictional tiny-home dwelling TV characters (e.g., the popular Netflix series “Grace and Frankie”).

“Tiny homes and tiny-home living is gaining in popularity around the U.S.,” says Nikki Cheatham, co-owner – with her husband Mike and his brother Jonathan – of Movable Roots, a tiny house construction company in Melbourne, Fla. “As more and more potential communities pop up, we see local and even national news coverage.”

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The Cheathams founded their company in 2017 after Mike and Nikki felt an itch for tiny living. They already have a number of models available to order, and the selection continues to grow. Recently, the Cheathams unveiled their latest model, the Wansley. Designed for a family of four, the first edition of the Wansley has 10 black windows from MI Windows and Doors.
“Black was the best option for this darker, more modern designed home,” says Nikki, adding that the Cheathams have been using MI windows since Movable Roots was founded.

Thanks to the latest technology, darker-colored windows have become all the rage. With choices like black, bronze, and hunter green, homeowners have more variety when it comes to design options.

“People love having a greater array of colors to choose from,” says Anthony Matter, MI’s Director of Marketing. “Especially the black – it’s a neutral color that contrasts nicely with so many others. It really brings out lighter colors like white, beige, or tan, while presenting a very modern aesthetic.”

Once the color was determined, it was time to pick the windows for the maiden Wansley, and the Cheathams principally chose selections from MI’s 1600 line. Delivering a varied collection of products, MI’s 1600 Series includes everything from a sliding glass door to a double-hung, single-hung, and single-slider.


Those latter two windows are the main reason why Movable Roots went with the 1600 line for the Wansley. The 1630 single-slider makes a prominent appearance by the front of the house and in the master bedroom. Offering superior styling and handcrafted quality for both new construction and replacement projects, the 1630 features a slim profile and an integral pull rail. It’s also available in two- and three-lite configurations with a DP-50 option, and the slim profile provides a large viewing area with clean, continuous lines and an unobstructed outlook.

Then there’s the 1620 single-hung. One of MI’s most popular products in coastal regions, the 1620 single-hung has a metal-reinforced meeting rail that delivers superior strength and durability. What’s more, its true sloping sill optimizes water drainage and eliminates unsightly weep holes.

Additionally, MI’s 1620 single-hung and 1630 single-slider are available with a StormArmor impact-resistant enhancement. Although this package was not selected for this home, MI’s StormArmor windows could be used for a Movable Roots home that will be located in a storm-prone region.

On the Wansley, these windows nicely complement the 9660 awning window. An ENERGY STAR®-qualified window in all four U.S. climate zones, the 9660 is used to bring in natural light in the Wansley shower.

“We design the space first,” Nikki says, “then pick a window that best fits the space. These were definitely the best windows for this design.”

A 36-foot-long home on wheels, the Wansley features a gooseneck design with a master bedroom, chef’s kitchen, and a loft for the children. Perhaps the Wansley’s greatest attribute is the relatively spacious master bedroom, which affords an excellent vantage point from which to take in the scenery. 

“It has a bump out with a large sitting window,” Nikki says. “The family will be able to enjoy the views of their land.”

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