Local Outreach

Much of the work that the MI Foundation does happens right in our own backyard. Most weeks MI team members are somewhere putting in volunteer hours to help a food bank, Ronald McDonald House, or other similar local organization. What’s more, our philanthropy quite often extends to our own team members and local residents, as our Foundation committees hold fundraisers and make donations to support local families and individuals in need.

Examples of Our Local Partners

Central Pennsylvania Food Bank

With a goal of reducing hunger in central Pennsylvania, the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank operates in 27 counties of the Keystone State. By working with local agencies located from the Maryland border to the New York border, the Central PA Food Bank is able to help thousands of people who are food insecure. Established in 1982, the food bank has centers in Harrisburg and Williamsport.

Christian Community Action

From its base in Lewisville, Texas, Christian Community Action provides comprehensive services to those in need in north Texas. Among its many programs, CCA hosts a food pantry, provides financial assistance, and issues backpacks to school-age children. CCA has a four-star rating from Charity Navigator.


Involvement with Our Local Communities

Support for local aid groups

The MI Foundation seeks out partnerships with aid groups in our local communities to assist with various causes.

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Helping Local Families in Need

The MI Foundation is committed to helping local families that are facing challenges due to a sudden emergency, such as a serious medical diagnosis or the loss of a home. When these situations arise, the local outreach committee raises awareness, donates funds, and coordinates other relief efforts. 

Learn about our donation to help a family battle childhood cancer
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Clothing, Food, and Toy Drives

Each MI location has an MI Foundation outreach committee, and this team serves the needs of the local community. This support takes many forms: donating food and volunteering at a local food pantry, giving presents during the holiday season, providing coats for a clothing drive, etc.

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Our Partners