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MI Now Offering Blinds-Between-the-Glass on select 1600 series products

Posted Feb 1, 2019

Integral Blinds on Vinyl Windows

Due to the popularity of the blinds-between-the-glass on our 1615 sliding-glass door, we are now offering blinds-between-the-glass on several windows in our 1600 Series. 

Beginning Feb. 1, blinds-between-the-glass are available to order on the 1650 double-hung, 1650 picture, 1675 casement, and 1675 picture windows. All windows ordered with blinds-between-the-glass feature a four-week lead time.

The blind operation comes with raise, lower, and tilt/turn settings. White blinds-between-the-glass are available with all window color options, including interior and exterior laminates and painted products. Grids and simulated meeting rails are not available on products with blinds-between-the-glass. Blinds must be ordered in the top and bottom sash for the 1650 double-hung.

With blinds-between-the-glass, you get a state-of-the-art product that ensures ease of use and safety. The blinds are sandwiched between two panes of glass; thus, with no manual manipulation, blinds-between-the-glass have a longer lifespan than traditional blinds. Furthermore, they make glass cleaning easy and they reduce the chance of small children or pets becoming entangled in them.

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