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New AAMA Labels

Posted Dec 29, 2016

MI Windows and Doors is implementing a change to the way our AAMA Gold- and Silver-certified products are labeled. A new print-on-demand system will combine the current product ID label and the gold or silver metallic AAMA label into one label, specific to each product. Several ‘plain language’ data fields have been added to the label to allow for easier identification of the product by building inspectors and homeowners. Specifically, by including the MI Order Number and Date of Manufacture, we have eliminated the need for an additional Warranty ID Label.  
Below is an example of the new two-part label that will be printed and adhered during assembly of the mainframe. Per AAMA instruction the AAMA label (top section) is permanently adhered to the interior head of the window. The production label (bottom section) is adhered to the exterior jamb. The bar code is scanned during the final steps of manufacturing to generate the temporary NFRC and shipping labels. This process assures accuracy and consistency throughout the process.
AAMALabel_New The new system will be implemented in a rolling change starting on Tuesday, January 3, 2017. If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact your MI Sales Representative.

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