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New STC Ratings—1556 Double-Hung

Posted Dec 2, 2016

 MI Windows and Doors’ engineering team has released new STC ratings achieved in a recent round of acoustical testing performed on the 1556 double-hung window.
¾” insulated glass, 3/32” SSB interior and exterior
STC = 28 / OITC = 23
¾” insulated glass, 1/8” DSB interior and exterior
SCT = 30 / OITC = 25
7/8” insulated glass, 2.7/.030Q./2.7 laminated interior and 1/8” DSB exterior
STC = 33 / OITC = 28
7/8” insulated glass, 3/16” interior and 1/8” exterior
STC = 33 / OITC = 28
STC is determined by evaluating the sound transmittance loss at sixteen standard frequencies ranging from 125 Hz to 4000 Hz. The higher the STC rating, the better noise isolation performance the window will deliver. Standard dual-pane windows reach an STC between 25 and 30.
OITC measures noise in a lower frequency than STC, and is designed specifically to measure street sounds such as car horns, sirens, construction, and airplanes. Again, as with STC, a higher rating signifies better noise isolation performance. Standard OITC ratings fall between 23 and 27.

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