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STC Test Report

Posted Sep 12, 2016

With ever-evolving market needs and increased demand for improved performance, MI Windows and Doors is excited to announce the availability of a precision-built line of STC 36-rated products for new construction and remodeling and replacement applications.
Testing was recently completed, determining that the 3500 single-hung, 3580 single-slider*, 3500 picture window, 1255 single-hung, 1280 single-slider*, and 1255 picture window all meet or exceed the STC-36 acoustical milestone. By employing laminated glass in each side of the dual-pane sash, the windows provide enhanced sound-deadening benefits to our customers and the property owners they serve. These higher STC ratings are ideal for projects located near high-noise areas such as highways, mass transit, and airports.

STC is determined by evaluating the sound transmittance loss at sixteen standard frequencies ranging from 125 Hz to 4000 Hz. The higher the STC rating, the better performance the window will deliver. Standard dual-pane windows reach an STC between 25 and 30.

To learn more about the STC 36-rated windows, contact your territory sales representative or view the literature section of our website.

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