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MI Windows and Doors New Construction Windows Achieve Enhanced Sound-Control Performance

Posted Jun 7, 2016

April 27, 2016
(GRATZ, PA) –MI Windows and Doors’ 3500 and 1255 single-hung windows achieved STC ratings of 36 and OITC ratings of 32. The results were achieved with 7/8” insulated glass comprised of two pieces of laminated glass.

“Sound control and acoustical performance is a growing concern in the single- and multi-family new home construction market,” stated Josh Williard, product manager at MI. “We continually upgrade our products to ensure they provide the enhanced performance our customers demand.”

STC ratings determine how much sound is transmitted through a window and into the home; a higher rating means less noise will transfer into the home compared to a lower rating. Dual-pane windows typically obtain STC ratings between 25-27.

OITC measures noise in a lower frequency than STC, and was developed specifically to gauge street sounds, such as car horns, sirens, construction equipment, and airplanes. Similar to STC ratings, a higher OITC rating signifies better performance. Typical dual-pane windows achieve an OITC rating between 23-26.

This marks the third time this spring that MI products have surpassed industry standards for sound transmission testing.

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