Miller looks back on service in Vietnam

Posted Nov 10, 2022

A former lead scout in Vietnam, Kevin Miller was drafted into the Army in 1969. He transitioned into civilian life two years later, after being awarded the rank of corporal for bravery in the field. Now a maintenance technician at our vinyl profiles facility in Millersburg, Pa., Miller agreed to speak with us for this Veterans Day profile.

Name: Kevin Miller

Facility: Profiles

Position: Maintenance Technician

Home: Millersburg, Pa.

What branch of the military did you serve in?


What was your highest rank?


What were some of the jobs you held within the military?

I did jungle patrol as a lead scout in Vietnam. I was awarded my rank due to bravery in the field.

What made you want to join the military?

I was drafted. It was an honor to serve.

What years did you serve?


What’s one thing about military life that you wish civilians knew?

That the military emphasizes order and attention to detail.

What part of your service are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of those who served with me in the field.

How did you transition to your role at MI Windows and Doors?

I apply the skills I learned in the Army to my job and my work with fellow team members.

Why is MI Windows and Doors a good place to work for veterans?

MI respects the service that we performed. I feel valued here and my team members feel like family.

MI Windows and Doors is proud to hire veterans. Visit our career page to learn what MI can do for you.