MI Windows Reviews and Product Overview

Posted Sep 7, 2021

Are MI Windows good?

Whether it’s a contractor seeking a new supplier, a building-supply business owner looking to expand their product offering, or a homeowner conducting research, many people have the same question. It’s a natural inquiry when looking for the best window to use for new construction or replacement window projects. As you conduct online research on the window industry and its many brands, you’ll see that MI Windows is the second-largest manufacturer of vinyl windows in the country and has a long-standing history to provide “Best in Class” windows to distributors, architects, builders, remodelers, and homeowners alike.

We have an array of documents, case studies, and information at miwindows.com that detail the quality of our products, but we wanted to go a step further. This article can help you learn at a glance about the quality windows and doors we have available. From our humble beginnings to the growth and expansion that has brought us to where we are today, we hope that when you finish reading about MI Windows, you’ll be prepared to give an enthusiastic “yes” the next time someone asks, “Are MI Windows good?”

Window installer carries a double hung white window with grids

MI Windows for New Construction and Replacement

Founded in 1947, MI began as window-screening company in Florida. Twenty years later, the company opened its first factory in Pennsylvania, where its headquarters are today. As the company evolved, it expanded the operation to include windows and sliding glass doors. It started with storm windows and doors in 1974, and then grew to include vinyl windows in 1981. Today, MI has numerous series of windows and doors.

MI no longer owns the screening portion of the business and has stayed solely focused a manufacturing windows and doors. The company has continued its growth and now has four fabrication facilities in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Arizona; what’s more, the MI brand also includes Milgard Windows & Doors out of Tacoma, Wash., and Sunrise Windows & Doors out of Temperance, Mich. In all, MI employs more than 5,000 team members around the country.

Kitchen with white MI 1650 Double Hung windows with grids

MI 1650 Double-hung Window

When you google “MI reviews” or “MI Windows reviews,” you’ll probably find our 1600 Series near the top of the list. And the marquee window in this series is our 1650 double-hung, our top-selling vinyl replacement window. Built with energy efficiency in mind, the 1650 is ENERGY  STAR®-qualified in all four U.S. climate zones. It boasts a warm-edge spacer system, Low-E glass options, and dual-pane and triple-pane glass packages.

But the 1650 offers topnotch craftsmanship as well. That trait, coupled with grid and color options, gives the 1650 an aesthetic quality that can accommodate any architectural style or interior design. And the 1650 double-hung complements the other products in the 1600 Series family, including the 1650 picture window, 1665 awning, 1675 casement, 1685 double-slider, and the 1615 sliding glass door.

Livingroom with MI 1556 Double Hung windows

MI 1556 Double-hung Window

The 1556 is MI’s top-selling double-hung window for new construction projects. Like the 1650, the 1556 is ENERGY STAR®-qualified in all four U.S. climate zones. Plus, thanks to its metal-reinforced meeting rail, the 1556 is an exceptionally durable window. Once you add in the aesthetic options for grids, colors, and exterior trim, you understand why the 1556 is one of MI’s signature products.

“The (1556’s) high energy efficiency ratings and low-maintenance material are attractive features,” says John Benedetto, a Virginia designer whose company often uses MI windows.

Blue craft Room with four 3500 series single hung windows

MI 3500 Single-hung Window

Another energy-efficient offering from MI, the 3500 is among our top-selling single-hung windows. A vinyl window built for new construction jobs, the 3500 is a favorite among builders, homeowners, and installers.

“Cost, style and function were all concerns for the contractors, who wanted to offer the best possible product,” says Jane Ann Simon, a North Carolina-based home designer who chose the 3500 for a development in the Charlotte suburbs. “Maintenance and warranty issues across the board were important as well.”

The 3500 boasts a welded, multi-chambered frame and sash for durability, and its heavy-duty weatherstripping protects against wind, rain, and dust. In all, the 3500 has all the important performance features of a modern window without sacrificing aesthetic design.

Livingroom dining room view with Pro5000 Series windows with grids

MI Pro5000 Series Windows

The 5500 single-hung and 5800 single-slider are both part of the Pro5000 series. These complementary vinyl products can be used in new construction or renovation projects. Both are builder-friendly windows that offer narrow sight lines for expansive views.

“These are high-quality, highly efficient, and well-priced windows,” says Chris Briggs, a window supplier who chose the 5500 and 5800 for an apartment complex in Chandler, Ariz.

MI’s top-selling slider, the 5800 has adjustable dual rollers for easy operation. And, just like the 5500, it’s ENERGY STAR®-qualified from coast to coast.

Exterior shot of apartment building with 4300 Series single hung windows

MI 4300 Single-hung Windows

An aesthetically pleasing choice that’s become one of MI’s most popular single-hung selections, the 4300 is a remarkably versatile vinyl window, ideal for new construction applications.

“The biggest benefit was the factory mull on the (4300s),” says Colton Smoker, a manager for a construction company that used the 4300 in an apartment complex in Pennsylvania. “Other companies did not offer this, so we would have been doing a piece-by-piece install, and that’s not the case with these MI windows.”

Indeed, as Smoker notes, the 4300 is extremely popular with builders, in part due to its integral J-Channel and mounting fin with pre-punched holes, which ensure easy installation. But the 4300 is also known for its aesthetic design and energy efficiency – it qualifies for ENERGY STAR® status in three U.S. climate zones.

MI Sliding Glass Door interior shot of beach front

MI Sliding Glass Door Reviews

MI’s assortment of vinyl sliding glass doors includes the 910, 1615/1617, and the 1618 multi-slide door. All three products are top-sellers that seamlessly blend the interior with the exterior.

The 1615 is a set-up (two-panel) sliding glass door, while the 1617 is a knock-down (two-, three- or four-panel) door. Both products come standard with double-pane glass and have MI’s impact-resistant option. One version of the 1617 reaches 16 feet wide.

“We are very happy we chose MI products,” says Ken Bogdan, a Pennsylvania homeowner who had the 1615 installed during a home renovation. “They perform very well and look great.”

The 1618 door comes in three- and six-panel configurations. It features an advanced roller system for easy operation. And its options such as blinds-between-the-glass, multiple interior and exterior color options, as well as various hardware options allow you to customize the door to complement your unique sense of style.

Like MI’s 1600 Series doors, the 910 is available in multiple configurations (three- and four-panel). The 910 is another extremely energy-efficient choice from MI, as its ENERGY STAR®-qualified throughout the U.S. Moreover, its multi-chambered frame ensures durability and its roller system combined with aluminum tracks generates easy operation.

“We’ve used MI’s 910 on previous projects,” says Clair Weaver, who works for a custom-home builder in Pennsylvania. “We’ve always been extremely pleased with its performance.”

Read more about the 910 Sliding Glass Door, featured in the Herndon Case Study.

Download the 1600 Series Door Brochure 

Sitting Area with MI 140 Sliding Glass Door Interior Shot overlooking beach front

MI Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

MI offers aluminum sliding glass doors as well, specifically the 400 and the 100 Series’. The 400 is a durable patio door designed for the southern regions. Available in two-, three-, and four-panel configurations, the 400 is a marvel of modern design. And its warm-edge spacer system creates considerable energy performance for a door its size.

“We wanted an energy-efficient home with sliding glass doors, allowing a natural flow of light and air from room-to-room,” says Texas homeowner Mary Harmon, who had the 400 door installed during her home renovation. “The sliding doors give us the freedom to not use the HVAC on days when the outside temperature is comfortable. When all the doors are open, the cooling breeze allows us to turn off the HVAC, which lowers our monthly electric bill.”

The 100 sliding glass door is the biggest door that MI manufactures east of the Rockies. At its largest size, the 100 Series door is 12 feet high by 20 feet wide, allowing amazing views no matter where you live.

“I actually waited for this door,” says Roland De La Torre, a contractor in Florida. “I heard good things about it, and it didn’t disappoint.”

De La Torre was willing to wait because he knew that the 100 Series door would provide energy efficiency without sacrificing durability or aesthetic design. Plus, its advanced roller system allows the panels to slide smoothly.

“I have been in the construction business for over 20 years, and I have heard nothing but good things about MI windows,” he says. “I have compared them to other windows in past jobs and the quality was always topnotch.”

MI 1620 Single Hung Windows with Storm Armor

Impact-Resistant StormArmorTM Window Protection

In this day and age, as extremely powerful storms seemingly become the norm, it’s more important than ever to have extra protection for your windows and doors. That’s why MI Windows created its StormArmor impact-resistant package as an option for many MI products. StormArmor windows and doors are designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 140 miles per hour.

MI Replacement Windows and New Construction

We started this post asking if MI Windows are good. We hope we’ve answered your questions, and we hope you’ve come to the same conclusion that so many MI customers, suppliers, and homeowners have come to over the years. Yes, MI Windows are good. We stand by our products, and we strongly believe that, whatever you’re in the market for – be it a window or door, single-hung or double-hung, single-slider or double-slider, awning or casement – you’ll find it at MI Windows.