MI Foundation Donates Funds to Local Family in Central PA

Posted Nov 10, 2020

Photo of check donationThe MI Foundation’s PA Golf Outing Committee recently made a financial donation to a local family that’s been inundated with sudden medical expenses. The committee threw in a sweet little surprise, too.

Ashly and Travis Bills, owners of DoughBoys Pizzeria & Pub in Halifax, Pa., and long-time supporters of the MI Foundation, have been shuttling their 7-year-old son Wesley back and forth to the hospital since he was diagnosed with Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma two months ago. To help them, the MI Foundation Committee gave a $10,000 check to the
family during a small celebration at DoughBoys on Oct. 3. This donation was made possible by the funds raised at the Eric Erdman Memorial Golf Outing, organized by the MI Foundation PA Outreach Committees earlier
this fall.

“We actually gave the giving plate that Eric Erdman had given to the Gratz Outreach Team,” said Ike Smith, a member of the Golf Outing Committee. “It was a perfect time to hand the plate over. Wesley, like Eric, leaves an impression on you the first time you meet him. He is personable and selfless, much like Eric was.”

Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma is brain tumor that affects approximately 14 in one million children. After Wesley’s tumor was removed in September, doctors discovered that his brain could not drain on its own. He had to undergo another surgery to have a
permanent shunt placed in his brain to assist in draining the fluid. The tumor came back noncancerous, but it is the type of tumor that can return.

The celebration in Wesley’s honor was done not only to present the check to the family, but also to give them a much-needed break from the somber experience of making repeated trips to the hospital. During the get-together, local performer Pat Cusick sang a few songs and Ashly and Travis took a few moments to thank everyone for their support.

“Wesley was also very thankful for what we did for his family,” said Aubrey Drum, a member of the Golf Outing Committee. “But I think he was most excited for the cupcakes.”