MI Foundation Texas Outreach Committee Donates to Local Aid Group

Posted May 5, 2020

Photo of CCA slogan: Give. Donate. Volunteer. Change lives.Looking for a way to help during this unusual time, the MI Charitable Foundation’s Texas Outreach Committee contacted an old friend. And that friend was more than ready to put the committee’s $5,000 donation to good use. The donation was made possible because of funds collected from prior fundraising initiatives.

CCA LogoLocated in Lewisville, just eight miles from MI’s manufacturing facility in Flower Mound, Christian Community Action (CCA) helps families and individuals in need. In fact, the group is renowned for its ability to feed a family of four for a month on just $100.

“We have worked with CCA for several years now with monetary donations and food drives,” says Deb Jackson, co-chairperson for the Texas Outreach Committee. “We decided that partnering with CCA during the COVID-19 crisis is the best way to help our community and team members in need. Their buying power allows them to stretch a dollar much further than our committee ever could.”

CCA was founded in 1973 with just seven people. Today, it has more than 150 staff members and bills itself as “one of the largest private nonprofits in North Texas.” Serving five counties, CCA helps thousands of individuals annually.

“Local residents and team members that find themselves in need of assistance, whether it be for food, clothing, rent assistance, job training or counseling, can go through CCA,” Jackson says. “This allows them to get help if needed while having their privacy protected.”

Click here to learn more about what CCA is doing to help the community in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.