Church Refreshes Appearance With Vinyl Replacement Windows

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In Tulare, California, the First Baptist Church is enjoying the benefits of MI Windows and Doors replacement windows. Last August, 80 MI HomeMaker3 horizontal sliding windows were installed as part of a building renovation that updated the property and increased energy efficiency.
The property manager at the church was looking for high-performance vinyl windows to replace existing single-pane aluminum windows. Maintaining the building’s original aesthetic appearance was an important consideration when selecting which products to use. MI’s HomeMaker3 product was the perfect fit due to the availability of it’s bronze SuperCapSR™ laminate exterior.

SuperCapSR laminate exterior is engineered to prevent heat build-up caused by high outdoor temperatures and extreme sun and UV exposure. The scratch-resistant, molecularly-fused color layer reflects up to 76% of infrared light, increasing thermal efficiency and offering protection from the harsh California sun.

In addition to the energy-saving properties of the laminate color, the church chose a glass package with a LoĒ3-366 triple-silver coating, ensuring premium efficiency. Much like the laminate color, LoĒ3-366 reflects sunlight, reducing window heat gain by over 60%.
The stucco and brick exterior of the building called for a flush-fin frame. Jimmy Jordan of Tulare Glass Co. supplied the windows and managed the installation. “I’ve been using MI products for 15 years,” said Jordan, “so I knew the installation would be easy. The color is also a great match; it really enhances the exterior of the building.“

The high-efficiency options and classic bronze color of the HomeMaker3 horizontal sliding windows deliver on both style and function, giving the Tulare First Baptist Church renewed pride. They also offer vinyl window convenience and energy cost savings that will benefit the church for years to come.

Tulare, California

Supplier & Installer:
Tulare Glass Co.

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