New Multi-Slide Patio Door From MI Windows Featured in Queen Creek Homes


Multi-Slide Patio Door


In the sunny Phoenix suburb of Queen Creek, AZ, the community is thriving and builders are eager to provide new homes for residents moving into the area. William Lyon Homes, one of the largest regional builders in the western U.S., is developing Meridian, a master-planned community of beautifully spacious and unique homes, many of which are being outfitted with MI Windows and Doors’ newest product—a state-of-the-art multi-slide patio door.
The patio door is as stylish as it is impressive. MI’s carefully crafted EnergyCore® door panels boast wide bottom rail styling with a crafted wood look, and the solid-core composite material is impervious to insects, moisture, and humidity. The innovative track system features interlocking components to ensure ease of operation and function, and an advanced roller system with dual-machined composite wheels and precision bearings performs in tandem with the track to provide smooth, quiet maneuvering.
Most of the homes in Meridian feature the multi-slide door in the main living space, leading to beautifully landscaped patios and back yards and gliding open effortlessly to combine the indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Working with XO Windows, William Lyon was able to secure the first supply of MI’s new multi-slide door. Three-and four-panel doors combine with a myriad of other MI products to create energy-efficient and classic spaces.

 Pro5000 Series Vinyl Window“William Lyon’s decision to go with the MI product family was an easy one,” said Bryan Cazier, Vice President and buyer for William Lyon Homes. “We were confident with the MI products. They have a great reputation for class and quality, and their track record over 15 years with our distributor made them an even more reliable choice.” The addition of the new and unique multi-slide door made the decision even easier for the builder, and the energy-efficiency of all of the MI products was another added bonus.

In addition to the multi-slide door, William Lyon Homes selected products from MI’s Professional 5000 and HomeMaker3 product lines. Featuring LoĒ3-366 glass, all of the products are top-rated for energy efficiency and performance.

LoĒ3-366 glass delivers an ideal balance of solar control and visibility. When the hot Arizona sun hits the glass, the LoĒ3-366 glass rejects the sun’s heat and blocks 95% of damaging ultra violet rays. Moreover, LoĒ3-366 glass maintains a clear appearance, providing the stunning views that tinted glass and other Low-E coatings cannot. LoĒ3-366 also provides protection and insulation from cooler temperatures, ensuring ultimate comfort regardless of time of year.

The HomeMaker3 products at Meridian feature a bronze SuperCapSR® exterior coating, adding yet another layer of energy efficiency and performance. SuperCapSR is designed to reflect up to 76% of infrared light and prevents profile distortion due to heat build-up caused by high outdoor temperatures, proving to be ideal for the southwestern climate.

The products were installed by XO Windows whose professional installers have completed classes to become certified Installation Masters of MI’s new multi-slide door system. Their expertise proved useful as they installed sliding, single-hung, and picture windows, along with standard 8’ and 12’ patio doors and multi-slide doors ranging from 12’ to 15’.
“This is really a beautiful project,” stated MI sales representative Tom Fullerton. “These homes are expertly built and are a great value to the homeowner.”

The project broke ground in October of 2014 and will continue into the future as properties remain available. Unique exterior styling and open, functional floor plans along, with the unique offering of the multi-slide patio door and energy-efficient windows, guarantee that the future homeowners in Queen Creek, AZ will appreciate every inch of William Lyon Home’s carefully crafted handiwork.


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