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Model ReModel 2017

Model ReModel 2017—Woodbury, CT

MI Windows and Doors is involved in the third annual ModelRemodel project put on by Pro Remodeler Magazine. 
The ModelRemodel venture tracks a home remodeling from start to finish. This year, the project moved to picturesque Woodbury, Connecticut. The previous homes featured were in Dallas and suburban Chicago.

Ben Bogie, owner of Built to Last Design and Build, LLC, orchestrated the remodel, which will be a retirement home for his mother. For obvious reasons, doing an energy-efficient remodeling was especially important to Bogie on this job. 

“As my mom approaches retirement age, it makes me feel good to know that I’m leaving her in a house that’s going to be low maintenance. She’s not going to be overburdened with energy costs as she moves on to a tighter income. Knowing she’s got a safe and comfortable place where she can spend her golden years is comforting.” 

Building energy-efficient homes is a specialty of Bogie’s. It’s a skill he learned from his father Charles, a contractor who was focusing on energy efficiency more than 30 years ago. “I started doing energy-efficient homes back in the early ’80s,” Charles says. “I started with solar, and then I went into super insulation.”

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