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Story by a Young Casement Window
My window family and I have arrived at our new house! Well, it is a new house to us, but it actually used to be an old cabin that is receiving a serious facelift to become a retirement home for a brand-new grandma.
Immediately upon arrival to the site, we were introduced to Beazley, the most furry construction foreman we've ever met! We trust her and the rest of the Built to Last Design & Build team to take good care of us.
My siblings and I immediately scanned the home to claim the room we would like to be ours for the rest of our lives! It is a big, exciting decision! We can't wait to move in and start working hard to help make our home energy-efficient and help make our owner comfortable and happy! Our goal is to work our *sash* off so our owner can reallocate money from her energy bills to spoil her new grand baby!
Ben took great pride, care, and precision during our installation. His friendly and experienced attitude made us feel at ease—even when he looked at the camera instead of the nail while installing me!
Hey there I am, alongside my brothers! I'm feeling great and looking good! Once Ben installs siding and trim around me, I will look even better! Stay tuned for updates!

Model ReModel

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Who needs a frisbee when you've got 5-gallon bucket lids!? This furry foreman, who goes by the name of Beazley, can't get enough fetch (supervise hard, play harder)!