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Grids are decorative fixed inserts for windows and doors that add a traditional and personal touch. Grids can either reside between the glass in our double-pane and triple-pane windows or on the outside of the glass for a more historic look. The perfect window grid pattern is often the final touch in creating the ideal aesthetic of your home. 

We offer grids in pre-designed styles as well as customized patterns upon request. Whether you prefer the early American look of colonial grid windows or you want to customize the window grid style to something unique, we can help you find the grids that fit your vision for your windows and doors. Our window and door products are also available without grids, if you prefer completely unobstructed views. 

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Perimeter by Sash

American Style

The perimeter grid, sometimes called a "Prairie" grid as it gained popularity during the “Prairie School” form used by architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, is a great option if you want to be noticed for your style. While the perimeter by sash pattern is the same pattern as perimeter by window, each sash of the window contains a full 9-lite square. This stunning visual interest will make your home the envy of the neighborhood, whether it's adding a more hand-crafted touch to a new home or fitting in beautifully to your restored older home.


Perimeter by Window

American Style

The perimeter grid, sometimes called a "Prairie" grid as it gained popularity during the “Prairie School" form used by architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, is a great option if you want to be noticed for your style. This grid pattern adds visual interest to a new home and will also fit in beautifully if you are restoring an older home. This pattern can also help to add a more hand-crafted touch to a newly built home. If you enjoy the look of grids but would like to take advantage of a great view, this is the perfect pattern for your home.



Stylish Classic

The colonial grid is a classic grid pattern, perfect for nearly any style of home. Historically found in early American style buildings, the colonial grid pattern is typically the most recognizable grid pattern and can be styled in a multitude of ways. Choices include as little as 4 lights and can go up to as many as 12 lights, depending on the size and style of the window. In hung windows, you can also choose to put colonial grids in only the top or bottom sash, depending on the desired look.



Style and Large Viewing Area

Windows that feature a drop grid pattern offer the best of both worlds: a beautiful decorative pattern and plenty of space for unobstructed sight lines. Also known as top row grids or short fractional grids, drop grids are only placed along the top portion of the window or door. Thus, for homeowners deciding whether to choose grids or forgo them in favor of the current “clear” look, drop grids provide a charming compromise. What’s more, drop grids give the appearance of an open window, and the large unimpeded area of glass is easy to clean.



European Charm

If you’re looking for a grid pattern that offers the romance of the Old World, then perhaps diamond grids are right for you. Popular in European homes, diamond grids — so named because the grids are designed in a diagonal, or diamond shape — have historically been used in accent windows. However, they bring a Continental charm to any window or sliding glass door. If you own a Victorian or Tudor house, or if it’s based on some type of traditional European design, then a diamond grid would be perfect for your home.



Time-Saving Accents

Grids-Between-the-Glass is an option that combines beauty and total ease of use. Placing either a flat or sculptured grid between the glass panes of the window's insulated glass unit, you get the style of a traditional grid combined with the ease of being able to clean an unobstructed glass surface.


Simulated Divided Light

Uncompromising Beauty

Simulated Divided Light is an option that combines classic looks with modern convenience. Historically, windows were made as individual  pieces of glass mounted within a wooden grid frame. Simulated Divided Light grids are grids placed on the outside of each glass pane of a singular insulated glass panel. This gives you the beauty of a historic grid pattern with all the convenient benefits of a monolithic insulated glass unit.

Additional patterns available upon request

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