Lockhart, TX

Susquehanna University

Business Economics

Bachelors, 2020



What are your career aspirations?
I would like to find employment in something that will help me develop marketable analytical job skills with programs like SPSS that focus on linear and multiple regression models. Afterwards, 
I would like to get an MBS in data analytics and look for 
meaningful employment from there.

Why did you decide to apply for an internship with MI?
I got a really good vibe of the company culture when talking to a company representative at my career fair, and I applied because I wanted to further develop industry-based analytical skills for getting hired right out of college.

Who did you work with?
My mentor was Cristen Baca and I collaborated with fellow MI intern Pratheep Balasubramanian. I also spent a good amount of time working with many of the operators and auditors in the plant.

What is the most valuable thing you learned?
Being more tactful in approaches and realizing that people have invested interest in things that you talk about. 

What did you enjoy most?
I really enjoyed the conversations and personalities of all the operators. They are super genuine and honest people who love what they do and work extremely hard. They have a serious passion for where they work and what they make.


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