Meet Our Past Interns

We strive to make the best windows and doors in America. If a company wants that kind of success in today’s business world, it needs a fresh set of eyes every now and then. That’s what we strive for with our internship program at MI Windows and Doors: We want talented, motivated young people to shake the shackles of academia off for a brief time, roll their sleeves up, and get to work bringing fresh energy to our company.

We want to make sure that our internship program is mutually beneficial, which is why we ask experienced supervisors to oversee our interns and help guide them throughout their experience. Since beginning the intern program in 2016, we’ve been helped immensely by the input of these bright young minds.

Read on to hear the stories of how our interns help MI Windows and Doors create the finest windows, doors, and experiences every day, everywhere.



Sidney, Winter 2018 Supply Chain Intern
Hometown: Sunbury, PA

Bloomsburg University, Supply Chain Operations

"My managers tried their very best to make sure I learned new things, and I got solid value from the experience. They care about your future and you as a person. . .MI is seriously like a family. I had an awesome experience; everyone is so friendly and willing to help. MI is welcoming and makes you feel valued. ”




2017 Human Resources Intern

Brittany, Summer 2017 and Winter 2018 Human Resources Intern
Hometown: Hegins, PA

West Chester University, Marketing & Management

"This internship was one of the best, in my opinion, that I’ve ever seen. It dove into some of the aspects that I wanted to get into as far as my future career. I was able to take everything that I wanted to learn, and I learned it here at MI.”




2017 Marketing Intern

Courtney, Summer 2017 Marketing Intern
Hometown: Spring Glen, PA

Susquehanna University, Creative Writing

"I wasn’t just the intern who ran and got coffee and made photocopies; I created things that the company actually uses. That made me useful, and needed, and appreciated, more so than I’ve felt in my other internships. ”




Todd Supply Chain Intern at MI

Todd, Summer 2017 Supply Chain Intern
Hometown: Ephrata, PA

Kutztown University, Finance

"I know the one project that I helped with is actually being implemented out on the line. So that’s going to make a big difference, save time, save money.”




Safety Intern 2017

Michael, Summer 2017 Safety Intern
Hometown: Raccoon Township, PA

Slippery Rock University, Safety

"My internship experience was awesome. I got to do everything. There wasn’t something I wasn’t allowed to do because I was an intern. ”




IT Intern 2017

Shelan, Summer 2017 IT Intern
Hometown: Camp Hill, PA

Penn State University, Information and Science Technology

"Most of my other internships were 'Okay, what do you know? Alright, go and do that.' Versus MI, they’re 'Oh you don’t know? Here, let me show you real quick.' Then, you know, try it out and see how it goes. ”




Engineering Intern 2017

Travis, Summer 2017 Engineering Intern
Hometown: Tower City, PA

Wilkes University, Mechanical Engineering

"The most important thing that I enjoyed about the internship was how close everyone was, how open everyone was.”




Tooling Intern 2017

Cody, Summer 2016, Summer 2017, and Winter 2018 Fabrication and Tooling Intern
Hometown: Elizabethville, PA

PA College of Technology, Welding Engineering

"You don’t just get coffee or sit around all day, you’re actually doing stuff that you enjoy doing. You’re building your skills and everyone that I worked with personally is just super, super nice. ”




Engineering Intern 2017

Dhruv, Summer 2016 & Summer 2017 Engineering Intern
Hometown: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Penn State University, Mechanical Engineering

"MI is an amazing place to work! Everyone is very kind and fun to work with. As an Engineering Intern, I was able to grow in my technical skills and I could easily feel the importance of my presence from the very first day I started working.”




Marketing Intern

Evan, Summer 2016 Marketing Intern
Hometown: Ephrata, PA 

York College of PA, Graphic Design

“I was never treated like an intern. From day one, I had my hands in the most important projects my team was working on, and I was contributing to major initiatives and milestones. I was trusted by my supervisor, and I was encouraged to make suggestions. Because of the experience I had as an intern, it was a no-brainer to accept the full-time job when they offered it to me at the end of the summer.” 



HR Intern

Jasmine, Summer 2016 Human Resources Intern
Hometown: Harrisburg, PA 

Susquehanna University, Business Administration

"Working at MI Windows & Doors was definitely the best internship I've ever had. The people are great and they genuinely care about the work they do. I've learned so much more than I expected and gained so much knowledge in the career field I want to be in. I am so grateful to have had the experience and will always consider MI a home." 



2016 Safety Intern

Michael, Summer 2016 Production Management Intern
Hometown: Winfield, PA 
York College of PA






Safety Intern

Tony, Summer 2013 Safety Intern
Hometown: Pine Grove, PA
Millersville University, Occupational Safety & Environmental Health

“It wasn’t until I was hired as a safety intern at MI Windows and Doors that I realized what a real internship should encompass! It was apparent on day one that I was a part of a team that had a vision to be the best in the fenestration industry. My leaders involved me in high-level projects that had an effect on major business goals and initiatives.”

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